All of the major music stores (Virgin, Wherehouse, Tower Records) no longer exist. Only a few indie record stores stay in business.

The same is occurring with video/DVD rental stores like Blockbuster & Hollywood video, along with smaller chains.

It seems to be the end of an era. What can this be attributed to?


i need advice to start online dvd rental business
where can i get it ???


Apart from Lovefilm (my trial expired) where can I find more free online dvd rental trials in the UK. I can’t think of anymore.
Oh awesome I chose Blockbuster at (thought Blockbuster was only American, obviously not).

cheers mate I’ll best answer you soon.


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I received a letter yesterday from a Claims Administrator saying that I can file a lawsuit against Netfix since i paid a subscription fee for their movies back in 2006. It states in the letter that wal-mart and netflix reached an unlawful agreement under which wal-mart would withdraw from the online dvd rental market and netflix would not sell new dvds etc… Did anyone else receive a letter like this?


What is a good Online DVD Rental service in Australia? i’m sick of my local video shop…